Case study: Temu

What is Temu? 

Temu has quickly become a go-to destination for bargain hunters looking to score super affordable finds.The concept behind Temu is simple - cut out the middlemen and bring deeply discounted goods straight from suppliers and manufacturers, mostly based in China, right to your door.

From trendy clothes and accessories to electronics, home goods and more, Temu's virtual aisles are overflowing with crazy low prices.Of course, with deals that good, there's bound to be some trade-offs. Shipping can take a while since most items are coming from overseas warehouses. And you may have to temper expectations a bit on quality compared to big box stores. But if you're just looking for some cheap thrills and don't mind a little wait, Temu could be your new retail therapy vice.

Temu and ContentSesh

Drawing upon our deep expertise in creating highly engaging, shoppable video content primed for virality, we produced dozens of snappy Instagram Reels that immersed viewers in Temu's vast product world. Each Reel transported audiences into compelling, relatable scenarios that showcased different categories - from unboxing must-have tech accessories or revealing clever pet product gems.

Beyond just spotlighting products, we strategically wove the #shopTemu call-to-action into every Reel, sparking an engaged community of bargain-obsessed shoppers. To maximize reach, we enabled Temu to run paid promotions amplifying the Reels to warm audiences while staying within their marketing budget. This allowed Temu's team to focus efforts on driving site conversions, while we handled the heavy lifting of continuous content ideation, production and community cultivation.