The Betsy Hotel, Miami

What is 'The Betsy' Miami? 

The Betsy - South Beach is a beloved boutique hotel located on Miami's iconic Ocean Drive. This stunning property exudes a timeless elegance and sophistication that attracts discerning travelers from around the world. When The Betsy's owners sought to elevate their brand presence and guest experience, they turned to our team for powerful visual solutions.Our partnership began by thoroughly immersing ourselves in The Betsy's unique artistic spirit and brand identity.

We collaborated closely with their team to understand the hotel's storied history, distinctive design aesthetic, and commitment to showcasing international artisans and craftspeople. Armed with these insights, we developed a comprehensive visual strategy that would amplify The Betsy's luxurious yet eclectic vibe through high-impact photography, videography, and digital content creation. The goal was to create an online experience as enchanting as the property itself.

Bringing The Betsy to life

Our visual team embedded themselves at the hotel for an extensive photoshoot and video production. We meticulously planned out shot lists and creative concepts to authentically showcase The Betsy's distinctive blend of breathtaking design, curated amenities, and quality hospitality.From the sun-drenched pool terrace to the exquisitely appointed guest rooms and suites, we composed striking imagery that highlighted The Betsy's thoughtful architectural details and inviting ambiance.

Vibrant videos and drone shots brought to life the effervescent energy of the hotel's restaurants, bars, and lively events. We also artfully documented the unique décor and artwork from global creators that adorn the property. The visuals expressed The Betsy's elegant yet adventurous spirit.Throughout the production process, our team worked hand-in-hand with the hotel staff to ensure a seamless experience for their guests. The end results were a stunning collection of assets that vividly captured The Betsy's indulgent and culturally-rich experience.

Elevating the brand through immersive content

With a comprehensive library of photos and video, we strategically developed immersive digital content that would elevate The Betsy's brand and drive more bookings. Our creative team crafted a series of visually-captivating social media campaigns that transported followers into the hotel's stylish seaside paradise.Curating a steady stream of posts across Instagram, we showcased The Betsy's myriad offerings through an aspirational lens. From beverage photos to envy-inducing snapshots of the luxurious rooms and landscape, each share ignited wanderlust. We also tapped into current trends like viral reel formats to boost engagement and expansive brand awareness.

A rewarding partnership

Our ongoing partnership with The Betsy Miami Hotel has been incredibly rewarding for both teams. By immersing ourselves in their brand identity, we were able to craft a powerful visual narrative that authentically captures the essence of this exceptional boutique property.The elevated photography, videography, and digital content have resonated deeply with The Betsy's discerning clientele. They've reported increased brand awareness, engagement, website traffic and, most importantly, bookings from the visual marketing efforts. The hotel's reputation as an immersive art-infused oasis has been amplified tremendously.On our end, this project allowed our creative teams to push their talents even further. Working with such a unique, design-focused luxury hospitality brand inspired our people to explore new artistic frontiers in storytelling and visual production.